Empowering Museums
Of The Future

of The Future

Unlock the power of frontier technology to reimagine the experience art and culture.

Empowering Museums of the Future

Democratize Access to Art & Culture

Democratize Art Culture

Innovative products can help us reimagine what the future looks like, change how we collect, connect, and tell stories, and forever transform how we experience the world.

How We Work With Museums



Examining the current state of assets, community, and revenue.



Workshops, fireside chats, and AMA sessions to build a shared understanding.



Defining clear objectives and putting together a plan of action with clear milestones.



Working with teams and trusted partners to achieve the objectives and get ready to launch.



Time to inform collectors and invite them to take part and join the community.

Comprehensive Digital Platform

A Comprehensive Digital Platform For Your Collection

Our digital marketplace, Momentible, allows you to easily create, share and sell digital collectables to a worldwide audience. It is the next evolution in Web3 technology with better collaboration, more personalization and analytics to make more informed decisions.

Create a New Source Of Revenue

Source of Revenue

Your existing collections and archives are the key to creating a new digital revenue stream that can sustain your museum and fund other initiatives.

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Grow Your Audience

Do not be bound by your physical location. Start growing a worldwide audience which will increase your reputation and prestige across the globe.

Increase Engagement for Your Exhibitions

Increase Engagement

Modern audiences are demanding more from museums. Using blockchain technology and digital mediums, you can hook your audience in and create engaging exhibitions that facilitate learning and knowledge.

Who we Are

Hussein Hallak

Founder and CEO of Next Decentrum, Hussein is passionate about connecting artists, collectors, and curators through technology. He was recognized in 2019 as one of Vancouver's top tech thought-leaders and influencers. During his career, he has helped thousands of entrepreneurs scale their startups

Hussein Hallak

Founder & CEO

Rama Ibrahim

Founder and COO of Next Decentrum, Rama is a serial entrepreneur, startup mentor, instructor and community organizer. She co-founded 5 startups, mentored and trained hundreds of young entrepreneurs, and worked with Fortune 500 companies and some of the world's Top 100 Brands.

Rama Ibrahim

Founder and COO

Joel Mark Harris

With over 15 years of experience in marketing, advertising, and writing, Joel has helped 100+ businesses increase their sales through content marketing and thought leadership. His  work has appeared in Hackernoon, Daily Hive, and Forbes.

Joel Mark Harris

Head of Content Marketing

Sarah Al Marashi

Sarah is a partner at Next Decentrum as well as NonExec Chairman of a Fintech company in Egypt. She is an award winning Strategic Business Consultancy and was MENA Head of Sales at HSBC for 2 years and with Dubai Group for 5 years where she worked as the Vice President of Business Development.

Sarah Al Marashi

Head of Business Development

Jackson Cockwill

Jackson is a recent grad from the Sauder School of Business where he studied commerce and entrepreneurship. His experience in Web3 started with working as an educator and consultant, helping projects with product development while creating intuitive guides for newcomers to the space.

Jackson Cockwill

Marketing & Strategy

Oluwadamilola Ibikunle

Gideon is the brand manager at Next Decentrum and works closely with the marketing team. He graduated with a bachelor's degree from Ladoke Akintola University of Technology in Ogbomoso. Gideon has worked as a senior graphic designer for various companies before joining Next Decentrum full time.

Oluwadamilola Ibikunle

Brand Designer

Santiago Orozco

Santiago was the community director of Crypto Pharaohs before moving into head of sales at Next Decentrum. Originally from Columbia, he previously worked for a marketing agency. He went to school at BCIT for Marketing Management, Business Administration and Management.

Santiago Orozco

Sales Manager

Shawn Mayzes

As a partner at Next Decentrum, Shawn is Chief of Technology. His mission is to develop amazing products and guide good developers to greatness. He has worked in half-a-dozen startups and has created one of the biggest developer communities on the web, bringing together close to 50,000 developers.

Shawn Mayzes


Tenzin Wangda

Tenzin left his comfortable job as an engineer for a more exciting career in Web3. He took on the role of community manager for Crypto Pharaohs where he is incharge of growing the Crypto Pharaohs community. Tenzin holds a masters degree in construction management from Swinburne University of Technology

Tenzin Wangda

Community Manager

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