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Empowering Museums
Of The Future

Enhance visitor and customer experiences, unlock revenue, and grow museum audiences through the power of frontier technology.

Empowering Museums of the Future

Helping museums adopt frontier technology

With revenue and funding on the decline, it is crucial that museums leverage all of their assets and the power of technology to unlock growth and customer experience opportunities.

Comprehensive Digital Platform

A powerful  platform to create
digital collectables

Our digital platform, Momentible, allows you to easily create, share and sell digital collectables to a worldwide audience. It is the next evolution in Web3 technology with better collaboration and more personalization to make more informed decisions.

Grow Your Audience

Source of Revenue

Do not be bound by your physical location. Start growing a worldwide audience which will increase your reputation and prestige across the globe.

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Transform your visitors’ experience

Modern audiences are demanding more from museums. Using blockchain technology and digital mediums, you can hook your audience in and create engaging exhibitions that facilitate learning and knowledge.

Create a new source of revenue

Increase Engagement

Your existing collections and archives are the key to creating a new digital revenue stream that can sustain your museum and fund other initiatives.

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Next Decentrum
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Collectors can claim the new collectibles to join the Crypto Pharaohs community and enter the fight against evil in the digital realm.

Gigster’s Director of Blockchain, Cory Hymel, spoke to Next Decentrum’s Founder and CEO, Hussein Hallak, on the need for museums to consider engaging in the emerging Web3 space.

Momentable empowers museums to create, manage, and promote NFT-based digital products, collections, and storefronts. But it’s not just museums seeing the benefits of NFTs 

Cointelegraph spoke with Hussein Hallak, founder and CEO of Next Decentrum Technologies — a company servicing museums to help with NFT integration — to understand what an NFTized future looks like for the art world.