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Visions Of The Next Internet


Fascinated with its possibilities and the impact it can have on the world, two years ago I started learning about Bitcoin, Blockchain and other decentralized innovative technologies. 

A market wave building massive momentum, blockchain is the next internet

The problem is that there is lots of information out there, ironically decentralized and widely distributed. Many articles that are supposed to tell you something insightful and helpful turn out to be puff pieces. Basically, marketing material.

As a result of numerous conversations with entrepreneurs, professionals, and business leaders, I discovered that many people are unaware of how to get involved in Blockchain and where to get the foundation they need. Especially if they are non-technical.

The same is true for every other emerging technology. Whether you want to build the next big thing, make the next career move, or start the next chapter of your life journey, it’s crucial to know how to getting involved, and where to get started.

So together with a trusted group of brilliant friends, we co-founded Next Decentrum. Our grand vision: to unleash the power of emerging tech innovation in the world by building the future of learning and education.

We are building a suite of products to help teams and organizations future-proof their operations and unlock the hidden potential of emerging technologies and decentralized innovation.

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Hussein Hallak
Co-founder & CEO, Next Decentrum

Next Decentrum Team during the Decentralized Financial Wellbeing Hackathon.   From left to right, Tristram Waye, Chief Content Officer, Hussein Hallak, CEO, Rama Ibrahim, COO.

Next Decentrum Team during the Decentralized Financial Wellbeing Hackathon.

From left to right, Tristram Waye, Chief Content Officer, Hussein Hallak, CEO, Rama Ibrahim, COO.


We are tech founders, passionate about great content, obsessed with get better results by doing less and becoming more effective!


Founding Team

Hussein Hallak

Over 25 years of business experience. Developed 20 startups and mentored and trained thousands of entrepreneurs. Strategic advisor for several successfully funded tech and crypto startups.

Rama Ibrahim

Over 20 years of comprehensive large-scale project, business and engineering experience. Extensive knowledge of startups, management, events, hackathons, software engineering and team management.

Shawn Mayzes

Over 14 years of experience in software development and system architecture for web and mobile apps.

Rodrigo Teixeira

Over 15 years of experience in planning, implementing and evaluating innovation policies and strategies in both the public and the private sectors.

Tristram Waye

Over 18  years in the financial industry and a wide array of interests. Copywriter, startup co-founder, and former professional trader. 



Shafin Diamond Tejani

Victory Square CEO, Shafin launched over 40 startups in 21 different countries. Employing over 350 people and generating over $100 million in annual revenues.

One of Canada’s leading advocates of venture philanthropy, and helped raise over $75 million for school programs and community organizations, and awarded over $250,000 in scholarships.

Ray Walia

An integral part of the movement to make Vancouver Canada’s leading hotspot for innovation and technology. In 2012, Ray co-founded Launch Academy. In 2014 Ray was named Entrepreneur Mentor of the Year for British Columbia and the Forty Under 40 list by Business In Vancouver. Co-founder of Victory Square Technologies. Co-producer of Traction Conference, one of North America's top 10 growth-hacking conferences.