Some Great NFT Projects That Promote Diversity

Some Great NFT Projects That Promote Diversity

One of the pitches of NFTs is the inclusion of practically everyone in the web3 ecosystem. No matter where you come from, what you look like, or your skills are - an opportunity exists, or so it seems.

Inclusivity has been a problem since day one of the internet. But with blockchain tech, there exists an opportunity to build something different, where underrepresented groups are not only included but also have an equal say. The promise of diversity should excite us, and it's a microcosm of what the internet could look like and how we interact with each other and technology in the future.

Diversity is essential for any ecosystem to prosper. It's what allows for different perspectives and ideas to flow, which in turn helps with problem-solving and innovation. The current state of the NFT space still has a long way to go in terms of diversity. But these projects will give you an optimistic view of what lies ahead:

1 - Walking Between Worlds

The project's creator calls it a "movement," where the focal point is gathering indigenous artists from all over the world to create NFTs. The idea is to have a space for these artists to come together, share their stories, and create art representing their cultures. 

The community-based platform aims to become a free avenue for artists to showcase their cultures with the help of NFTs. So far, the project has been focused on the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island cultures. 

2 - 400 Drums

Like the first one, this NFT project best represents diversity by offering a new medium for indigenous artists. It's an initiative from a Canadian-based organization that hopes to afford opportunities for indigenous artists, elders, cultural experts, and language speakers to monetize their works.

According to its website, each entry into the project is designed to connect the digital space to real-world objects and places. The project is unique, with digital drums representing different beats with different cultures and messages.

3 - Art Blocks

This NFT project focuses on artists often left out of the traditional art world. The objective is to democratize the art space by making it more inclusive. 

Art Blocks works with galleries, museums, and other cultural institutions to digitize their collections and make them available on the blockchain. The project also has an online store where you can buy and sell these artworks.

4 - Power of Women

As the project name suggests, Power of Women is about celebrating the role of artwork made by women on the web3. Featured in this project is Leah Ibrahim Sams. Her works are meant to showcase woman empowerment across cultures.

The project has a vision of an ecosystem that is more inclusive of women, and the NFT scene is one way to achieve that. The project is tied up with OpenSea and Foundation and has featured four collections: League of Extraordinary Women, Cova Dignity, Women of the Metaverse, and The Veiled Ladies.

5 - Black NFT Art

If you've followed the progression of NFTs in the past two years, you cannot help but notice that very few black artists are represented. So, it feels so good to witness projects like the Black NFT Art emerge, as they could very well start a new trend.

This project's landing page says it all: "empowering Black creators in the NFT space." It's an initiative brought about by the lack of creative and monetary opportunities for Black artists. The main attraction is the Rise Collectors Club, which essentially educates underprivileged artists about how the NFT ecosystem works. The program opens a whole new world of possibilities for them, and it's something that could have a ripple effect in the years to come.

6 - Gender Unicorns

This is another project about promoting gender diversity in the NFT space. The initiative is marketed as an NFT game offering a unique experience for people who wish to correspond with others about gender-related challenges and experiences. The game seeks to promote collaboration and kindness through gender alliances. 

The project also has a Diversity Hub, more like a blog where you can find articles and stories exploring diversity, inclusion, and equity themes.

7 - NFT 4 Good

Arguably the most idealistic project on this list, NFT 4 Good is the product of a street art NFT platform called "Third Rail Art." It's a collection of murals that originate from Akumal, a region in the Yucatan peninsula. Third Rail Art created digital representations of these artworks to bring them into the web3. They're now being sold at the Polygon blockchain.

What makes this project a standout is that it represents paintings and murals from a region in the world that doesn't get much attention. The Akumal festival is showcased in an entirely new light, and it's something that could inspire other artists to do similar things in their regions.

8 - Moon Landing

This project's pitch is "neurodiversity in the NFT space. The focus is to create opportunities for people with neurodiverse conditions, such as autism and ADHD. If Black, underprivileged, and female artists have been left out of the traditional art world, neurodiverse artists are even more invisible. This project vows to change that. 

The most remarkable thing about this project is its collaboration with non-profit organizations. You seldom hear groups venturing into NFTs, especially when profit isn't the prerogative. But this one begs to differ, all in the hope of affording artists with disabilities the chance to be represented in what will turn out to be the future of the art industry. 

9 - Honey Badges

The Honey Badges NFT tops this list in terms of the number of collections under its wing. The concept is born out of the need to support equality in the world across different fronts, not just in art. While the aim is to make money through NFTs, there's no denying that the project hopes to represent the marginalized and the underprivileged. So far, the collections touch on different topics, from BLM to LGBTQ2+ rights. 

All these projects prove that NFTs are, by nature, a tool for promoting diversity and inclusivity. And with the way things are going, it won't be surprising to see even more of these initiatives this year. It's not a farfetched idea to believe that NFTs might be the key to a more diverse and inclusive world because the blockchain from which it thrives is meant to be a level playing field for all.

As the adage says, "big things have small beginnings." Hopefully, these NFT projects are just the start of something much, much bigger.